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Marcus and Leanne Holley, the husband and wife duo behind San Saba Soap Company. Born and raised (fourth generation) Texans, the Holleys and their 5 wonderful children now call Fredericksburg, Texas home.

When Marcus and Leanne began to raise their family they focused on the impact of having a healthy lifestyle for their children. They began a process of educating themselves on the different impacts of mass-produced foods and skincare products, and discovered the natural qualities of essential oils. It was around 2014, when after learning all they could about the science of organic skincare options, the Holleys began to explore creating essential oil blends that could be used across a variety of products.

Nearly ten years later, they have multiple hoteliers supplying their blends and are an active purveyor in historic downtown Fredericksburg.

San Saba's Co-Founder and man behind the brand, Marcus, puts his former sommelier nose to work at San Saba. Swapping wine blending to essential oils, he NOSE just the right mix. 

Our bespoke fragrances are nose-scented and hand-crafted. You won't find a mix quite like what we've created with our line of Texas Pecan Body and Face oils, colognes and bar soaps. For example, let’s get into our white tea peonies blend: scented with premium distilled flower, wood, herb, and fruit oils, you’ll get notes of white tea, peonies and white pepper.

The dynamic yet subtle mixtures are long-lasting without being overbearing. We guarantee you'll be asked 'what scent are you wearing' anytime you step out!


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